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Kekoa Tanaka is a character in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]

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Kekoa is a beautiful half-Japanese and half-Hawaiian, tall, athletic woman in her mid-twenties with long brown hair and brown eyes.

She is 172 cm (5'8") in height and 57 kg (125 lbs) in weight.


Kekoa has a bold and assertive attitude and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She was self-confident and doesn't mind showing it as seen when J.D. accidentally walked in on her when she was changing into her swimsuit and she merely continued as if nothing happened.

However she is not without her struggles, which stem from her father who was disappointed in not having a son. Since then Kekoa strove to honour her father by being the best as a student and athlete, impressing her to except no less such as he did. But being part of a team caused Kekoa to be afraid of being the best and thus restrain her potential as she fears she can't change this aspect of herself.

Skills and Abilities[]

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Being born in Hawaii, Kekoa understands the dangerous waters on the beaches. Ever since she was twelve she was able to jump off a high rocky ledge and into the water with ease, which makes her an expert swimmer.

While she knows the water, she is also an adept motorcycle rider.

Like the other lifeguards, she knows CPR, various rescue techniques and can handle their vehicles. She is also a great navigator as she never gets, which she attributes coming from her mother who is Hawaiian.

By Sean's own admission Kekoa is the best person on the team in the water.

Early Life[]

Kekoa was born from union of her father Hideki Tanaka, a Japanese man, and a native woman from Hawaii. She had a rough relationship with her father due to him wanting a son and gave her the name Kekoa even before she was born.

Baywatch Hawaii[]

Season 1[]

A local lifeguard from Hawaii, Kekoa was selected by Leon Keaweamahi to join Mitch Buchannon's elite lifeguarding team for the newly established "Hawaiian Lifeguard Training Center". While waiting for the center to finish being constructed, Kekoa shared a motel room with Jessie Owens at the team's temporary base. On the first day of the new team, Kekoa met her roommate's boyfriend, J.D. Darius who accidently walked in while she was changing into her swimsuit and was stunned by her beauty. Despite the awkward situation Kekoa calmly resumed putting her suit on and introduced herself and guided the mainlander to the team meet. Later after Sean Monroe told the team one of them would be sent back if they were deemed the weak link, she asked him what would happen if it was determine he was it (Aloha, Baywatch).

Kekoa found herself at odds with Jessie, who envious of J.D.'s attraction to the other woman, began flooding her side of the dorm with her health supplements and stuff. She would help Jason Ioane in reconnecting with his Hawaiian heritage by introducing him to Ko Lani. Later after being dropped out at sea, Kekoa and her team were racing back to shore when they came across an EPIRB out in the middle of the ocean. Kekoa offering to investigate, then dived into the water and determined that there was a wreck several fathoms down. The team then explored the wreck to see if there was any indications of survivors and they found that there were surprised to find that there was somebody trapped in the hull. Working together with her teammates they managed to break the hull free to reveal Mitch inside who was testing them on their teamwork. (Mahalo, Hawaii)

Hearing that J.D. was asked to join UCLA's boat team she and Jessie took a boat out with Newmie Newman to cheer him on (Weak Link).

Kekoa having pulled her hamstring after her patrol, she is offered assistance by J.D. who then lays her down on a table and massages her leg cramp. The couple's intimacy were caught by Dawn Masterton and Jessie, causing the latter to storm away in jealousy (Shark Island).

When five kayakers get lost off the coast of Kaua'i and into the caves of the Napli Coast, Kekoa partnered with Sean to become Strike Team 2 in an effort to rescue them from the caves. Kekoa and Sean entered one of the caves and located a injured female kayaker. While Sean went to get help on his aqua jet, Kekoa stayed behind to keep the woman calm and helped her on the water sled. Another couple was located in the Devil's Ring which she and Sean helped save.

Though two victims were still unaccounted for, the team were forced to retreat back when night fell. Kekoa joined Sean and the others to rescue the two after they found video recordings that they were still alive in an underwater water cave. Later the father of the two victims thanked her and her team by offering them to pay for their stay on Kaua'i (Strike Team).

While enjoying a week long holiday on Kaua'i, Kekoa is admired by J.D. after she finishes swimming at the resort pool which she takes notice. Their moment is interrupted by Jessie who tries to drag J.D. away to help pace her in her paddle boat training, but Kekoa offers to help her instead. After some insistence from her, Jessie finally agrees. The two paddle along a river and soon get competitive, and Kekoa accidentally knocks Jessie off her board resulting in an argument that boils down to them fighting over J.D. which after some moments makes them realize how stupid they are acting over a single guy. Kekoa confesses to Jessie that she only acted interested in J.D. was because she was intimidated with Jessie when they first met. The two become friends and then proceed to chat over J.D. whilst they paddle. They approach a waterfall which they stop to admire when they locate a kayak board with a camera. After watching the video on the device Kekoa and Jessie realize that the kayaker is lost somewhere near the falls and is in need of assistance. The two manage to locate him and bring him to the bank of the river. The kayaker's leg is then splint using pieces of their swimsuits. Using their paddle boards the two then work together to get the man back to the beach for medical aid (Sunday in Kaua'i).

Once the Hawaiian Lifeguard Training Center opened Kekoa and her fellow lifeguards admired the new facilities and were introduced to Governor Ben Cayetano. Later at the women's dorms, Kekoa hanged out with Allie Reese to help her with her wardrobe from an upcoming meeting with Nicholas Montgomery. When Jessie informed the women that Sean was sending Jason back to the mainland, she and the others tried to convince him not to but he dismissed them. Later when Dawn wanted to join Allie to meet Nicholas, thus destroying any romantic time for, Kekoa spoke to Jessie how distasteful an act that was for Dawn, speaking that the other woman should be sent away not Jason. Later being assigned to map an underwater pipeline with J.D. and Jessie, Kekoa and her team used the time to take underwater pictures of themselves. Later they responded to a rescue call to assist a couple caught offshore with the woman going into labor. However Allie and Dawn were the only ones via helicopter to reach them, but Kekoa was overjoyed when her friend was able to not only get the couple to safety but also deliver the baby (Risk to Death).

Kekoa along with Dawn and Jason would fill in for a fellow lifeguard, Brian. Kekoa took the beach patrol for the assignment. While on patrol she was approached by a woman who couldn't find her son though the lifeguard was able to direct where she saw the boy by the concession stand. When an empty float was spotted in the sea, Dawn and Jason immediately hurried to the area, save for Kekoa who was hesitant to act, uncertain of the situation. Her hesitation did not go unnoticed by Sean who questioned her commitment. Kekoa then approached Sean to explain her hesitation which stemmed from being the best on the team to allow her friends to take the rescue (Father of the Groom).

While out on patrol in the ocean with Jason, Kekoa learned that Jason shaken up by the mutilated shark corpse he saw in the ocean and how he pitied the animal. Seeing that it was bothering him, she recommended that he speak to someone about it. Later Kekoa participated in a rescue of a fisherman stuck on the face of a cliff. Kekoa manned the jetboat whilst Jessie and Jason went on jetbike to approach the surf. After Jason safely rescued the man, she and Jason escorted him back to the bay, while Jessie decided to scout out the area of others (The Hunt).

Season 2[]

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding[]


  • Kekoa is the first Asian-American female Baywatch lifeguard on TV.
  • Kekoa's name is the traditional Hawaiian word meaning “warrior.”
  • Kekoa is the only main female cast member of the Hawaiian-based series to be credited in both intros, though later on when Baywatch was remastered, Jenna Avid was credited in both intros as well.




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