Killing Machine is the twenty-second episode and season finale of the tenth season of Baywatch, also known as the first season of Baywatch Hawaii. It was originally aired on May 15, 2000.

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Mitch is asked by a government agent to investigate a certain Zack Martin, a former Navy SEAL who may be part of an environmental terrorist group called "Green Scorpion" who are planning to blow up an unknown target. Mitch then goes out on a diving boat trip with Zack and his girlfriend Bree Hanford, who in fact is actually the leader of the group whose target in an offshore reef covered with sunken World War II navy ships loaded with unexploded munitions to blow it and the reef up. Meanwhile, Sean thinks Mitch's strange behavior is that he may be in trouble, and after Baywatch Hawaii training center is broken into in the night by Green Scorpion terrorists, this leads Sean and the rest of the team, Allie, Jason, J.D. and Kekoa to find Mitch before they're too late.



  • Guest star Pamela Bach is the real-life wife of David Hasselhoff, and has appeared on the series in other guest starring roles.
  • David Hasselhoff's character Mitch was killed off in this episode, but he wasn't supposed to be. The original script called for Mitch to rescue the bad guys and survive an underwater blast. The episode was filmed as scripted, but then edited to make it appear that Mitch had died after Hassselhoff announced he was leaving the series.
  • David Hasselhoff (Mitch), Michael Newman (Newmie), and Simmone Mackinnon (Allie) make their final appearances on the series in this episode. Though David would reprise his role in the TV movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. Brooke Burns (Jessie) would appear two more times in Season 11.
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