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Kim is a minor character in Baywatch.


Not much is revealed about Kim except that she was born in Paris, Texas. Whilst on a holiday in Los Angeles, she was drowning in the sea on one of it's beaches and was saved by lifeguard Mitch Buchannon who at the time had been on duty. Kim then developed a crush on him.

Eleven years later, Kim dated Albert Romero and then soon became engaged. However she never forgot about Mitch and often compared him to Albert, making him unhappy and resentful towards the lifeguard.


Kim was holiday with Albert in Los Angeles and while she was on the beach, she saw Mitch on patrol. Kim then waited for him and they exchanged hellos. Mitch didn't seem to recognise her but Kim assured him that he knew her and would continue being around to see him.

This infuriated Albert who had been watching from a distance and threatened Mitch to stay away from her.

Later Kim was waiting for Mitch in his lifeguard tower, claiming that she was "watching his sand". She then reminded him of saving her life eleven years ago. Mitch complimented her and gently said he was flattered she had a crush on him but he didn't want to be in the middle of her and Albert's relationship. Kim however, didn't seem to care about Albert's feelings and she replied that Mitch already was in the middle of it and walked away.

After a brief argument and a long discussion, Albert then sought Mitch's advice on how to be like him, so Kim would take more notice of him. However this failed as Kim was still infatuated with Mitch and didn't want an imitation. Mitch then decided to go on a date with her where he did many bad habits to try and put her off him, but it instead had the opposite result.

Finally after Mitch behaved "rudely" to Albert in front of her, she finally got over him and went back to her fiancée, asking him to forgive her for the ill-treatment. Whilst Kim was hugging Albert, the two men exchanged a thumbs up as they had finally succeeded in making her more attracted to Albert.

After this, it can assumed that they went back to Paris, Texas and got married.