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Leilani "Lani" McKenzie is a character in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]

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Lani is an beautiful and athletic half-Hawaiian and half-American woman in her early twenties with reddish brown hair and blue eyes.

She was 160 cm (5'4") in height and 57 kg (126 lbs) in weight.


Lani is hardworking and has a heart of gold. She is aware of being a head-turner, but strongly never lets it interfere with her job.

She never gave up with her dream to be a famous dancer like her mother and saw lifeguarding as a way of funding it.

She is shown to be very stubborn whilst pursuing this dream as shown during one episode where she sustained an ankle injury during a rescue and insisted to still take her music video dance audition despite Cody Madison's advice to rest it. When she failed the audition, injuring her ankle even more, she blamed her failure as a result of working at Baywatch and decided to leave, but some persuasion from Cody made her realise that she was good at saving lives and still had a chance to fulfil her dream (Memorial Day).

Skills and Abilities[]

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With some of Lani's hobbies being diving, swimming and learning are assets to the team which make her effective in water and rescue techniques. She also has impressive defense skills.


Season 8[]

Lani is a Hawaiian who has five brothers and sisters and aspires to be a dancer. Her ex-boyfriend arrives and kidnaps her in an attempt to bring her back to Hawaii, but Cody rescues her. Lani, along with April and Skylar, almost fail rookie school after failing to report April's incident involving Richie immediately, but receive a second chance. In a rescue attempt while on duty, she injures her ankle. She hurts her ankle again when she auditions for a spot in a music video and decides to leave Baywatch, but Cody convinces her to stay. Cody and Lani begin a relationship after Lani learns that Cody and C.J. were no longer a couple. She ruptures her eardrums during a rescue attempt, causing her to go deaf for days. She gets her hearing back after hearing a girl cry out for her mother.

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding[]

Lani is working as an entertainer at C.J. Parker's Bar and Grill in Turtle Bay, Hawaii. At the end of the film, she starts a relationship with John D. Cort.





  • Lani was written as a dancer so actress Carmen Electra could display her dancing talent as often as possible on the show.
  • Carmen left the series after one season because of the hectic schedule, her mother being ill at the time and deciding that it wasn't working out for her. However she came back for the reunion movie.
  • Carmen crossed-over her Baywatch character, Lani, to another series, Pacific Blue for one episode during the 1997-1998 season in "Heartbeat".
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