Leilani "Lani" McKenzie is a fictional character from the popular American television show Baywatch

She was portrayed by actress Carmen Electra.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lani is a slender half-hawaiian and half-american woman in her mid-twenties with reddish brown hair and green eyes.

Her height is 5 ft 4 in. She was joined the Baywatch team at the age of 20.


Lani is hardworking and has a heart of gold. She is aware of being a head-turner, but strongly never lets it interfere with her job. She never gave up with her dream to be a famous dancer like her mother and saw lifeguarding as a way of funding it.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

With some of Lani's hobbies being diving, swimming and learning are assets to the team which make her effective in water and rescue techniques. She also has impressive defense skills.


Season 8Edit

Baywatch: Hawaiian WeddingEdit


Electra crossed-over her Baywatch character, Lani, to another series, Pacific Blue for one episode during the 1997-1998 season in "Heartbeat".

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