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Captain Leigh Dyer is a character in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]


Leigh was a tall, beautiful and athletic woman in her late-twenties with long blonde hair (styled straight, curled or tied up in a bun or pony-tail) and blue eyes.

She had two flower tattoos: a blue rose on her stomach and a red rose on her right ankle.

She was 170 cm (5'6") in height and 53 kg (117 lbs) in weight.


Leigh was a strong minded, cheerful and caring woman who enjoys being part of the Baywatch Hawaii lifeguard team. She shares a rivalry with Oahu North Shore lifeguard Jenna Avid, who is constantly trying to put her team out of business. Though good friends with everyone on the team, she is the closest with Sean Monroe, Kekoa Tanaka and Carrie Sharp.

Leigh is shown to be a little stubborn when she thinks she is right and when she turns out to be wrong, she doesn't always admit it (Dangerous Games), (Broken Promises).

She also doesn't like anyone perving over her as seen when Zack McEwan accidentally walked in while she was still dressing in the locker room. She accepted it as simple mistake and let it go but Zack couldn't get the image of her apparently beautiful body out of his head and wouldn't stop gawking, thereby affecting his work and being irritating towards her (Rescue Me).

Skills and Abilities[]

Brande-Roderick-Leigh 41

Being a former coast guard and previous Hawaiian lifeguard, makes Leigh a genuine asset to the team and also as second captain, she helps motivate the trainees.

Like the others she knows CPR, first aid and every sort of rescue technique as well as knowledge of driving the scarabs, jet-skis and all other rescue vehicles.

She is also a strong swimmer which helps in saving underwater victims as well as a skilled helicopter pilot.

Even when off duty, she dives into a rescue when needed (The Stalker).


Leigh was a Shore Line Coast guard, a helicopter pilot and already a Hawaii lifeguard before she was recruited by the Baywatch Hawaii lifeguard team, who saw her skills as an asset.

Like the other applicants, she started off as a trainee before passing the programme, becoming a fully fledged lifeguard and working her way up to become second captain to the team.

Baywatch Hawaii[]

Leigh first appears walking down to where the bus of new recruits are arriving outside the lifeguard training centre including Carrie Sharp and Zack McEwan (who arrived late by his skateboard). Jenna Avid and a few Hawaii officials were making things difficult for the team but this wasn't going to stop them from their job.

Leigh welcoming recruits

Leigh welcoming the new recruits

She greets them introduces herself, and leads them down to the beach to begin their training.

Later she, Sean and the other lifeguards fall afoul of a former friend of Sean's named Cliff Tyler, a jet skier who was holding a competition on their particular beach that day. He was self-centered and reckless would didn't seem to care that his surfboard had only been damaged to save a victim's life, though he caused the situation in the first place.

Training with the other trainee was a success with the next step of taking them on the SCARABs.

However Cliff came in while she was working at the training center. As Cliff mocked Sean's dream of saving lives. She berated him for it, saying she had confidence and see that Sean's dream came true. and he gave her a card with his number saying that his corporation would help her and Sean.

She agreed to meet him at the pier and he gave her his proposal to sponsor the Lifeguard center, using it as a place to advertise her jet-skis and other products. Leigh rejected this proposal and after Sean arrived, she left the two men alone to discuss it themselves.

Next Morning, Leigh apologized to Sean for talking to Cliff about a deal without consulting him first. After asking what happened between Sean and Cliff, Sean tells how when he was in danger during surfing that Cliff chickened out and didn't save him, nearly condemning him to death if another fellow surfer hadn't saved him.

Later a storm hit and therefore made the beach unsafe, forcing them to stop the competition Cliff refused to accept this and took to the water on his own in spite of Sean's warnings.

Leigh getting angry

Leigh angry at Cliff's ingratitude and lies to the press

Despite Leigh and Sean rescuing him, it didn't change his attitude and instead of showing any gratitude, he ended up lying to press about what really happened. Leigh angrily tried to intervene but Sean told her that trying to get even and other petty things wasn't as important as saving lives, which is what they were really all about (Soul Survivor).

Things got even more difficult for the lifeguard team when another lifeguard J.D. Darius lost his cool during a training session and snapped at Zack for making a mistake during a rescue. He was fed up of the center struggling and even more annoyed by her ex-girlfriend and former lifeguard Jessie Owens, making him decide if she either wanted him back or continue lifeguarding.

To make matters worse, the center was being sued for negligence by a selfish Mr. Greer who was oblivious to the fact that his son Axel was riding his jet-ski recklessly and had caused the endangerment of a young couple. When he manhandled Kekoa to rescue Axel first whilst she was attempting to save the couple, she slugged him with her rescue can in defense. Though Axel was eventually rescued, he still continued with the lawsuit, stating that the team wasn't fulfilling their duty.


Leigh talking things out with J.D.

Eventually after both Leigh and Kekoa spoke to J.D., he became more at ease and rang Jessie asking to talk whilst deciding to continue his lifeguard duties.

Meanwhile Mr. Greer dropped the suit after some persuasion from Leigh and meeting the couple his son had endangered. They forgave him and decided not to press charges, making him understand the circumstances better.

Leigh asked Sean to trust her and the team and never fight his battles for the center alone (A Knife in the Heart).

During a air rescue in a helicopter with Zack and Carrie, Leigh found out Zack was reckless and that Carrie had a fear of heights. Both were encouraged by Sean to do better.

Brande-Roderick-Leigh 54

Leigh telling Sean that she wants to help

Later Leigh confronted him with a notice about the third and final property taxes owed by the center and wanted to help. Sean was reluctant to tell her at first but he told her that because of Jenna and councilman McKenna, the center had three days before closing down for good. Leigh agreed that "they" not "him" would find a solution.

Later, Leigh dressed in business attire, goes to meet someone to provide a sponsor to keep the center going. She found someone named Erica who would sponsor them as along as they advertised their Boss Block sunscreen. Sean was delighted but to seal the deal, both he and Leigh had to attend a sponsored dinner.

During more training with the trainees, Zack tried to get Carrie over her fear by jumping into the water with her.

That evening Leigh and Sean met with Erica, with Sean messing up the seal and wanted to handle things his way. Leigh then angrily leaves. The next Day, she watches Sean continuing to talk to Erica without her.

Leigh getting fed up

Carrie asking a fed up Leigh for another chance with the helicopter

By this time Leigh has had enough of being shown no gratitude caring for the center with even more provoking from a hesitant Jason and Zack who were stranded on their SCARAB and asking for her help but when she responded, they didn't comply. Carrie comes to her and asks for another chance to jump from the helicopter and she agrees.

When Sean came back, Leigh assumed that he had slept with Erica to seal the deal and left in a huff.

The next morning, Leigh took Carrie along with Jason up in the helicopter again. This time Carrie succeeded after telling Leigh that she was now moving into to a spare room at Leigh's beach house.

Later Leigh finds out from Sean that ever since he lost his wife Maggie and son Ben, he has found it difficult to be in a relationship with any woman so nothing happened between him and Erica. Sean apologizes for being stubborn and rejecting Leigh's help, saying that he needs her to handle the business of the center. She agrees (Bad Boyz).

Leigh then brought another sponsor advertising life preserving jackets. Whilst she and Sean were advertising it to some senior citizens, a beach goer carelessly poured too much lighter fluid into his barbeque and set himself on fire when he lit it. As Leigh ran to get a fire extinguisher, Sean chased after him as he ran along the field in a panic. The man was eventually stopped by another man riding by on a motorcycle. Eventually with the help of a blanket, the fire was put out. Leigh rushed in and noticed the blonde haired man who had helped them had his jacket on fire, so she put it out. Sean then called for the paramedics to take the burnt victim away. Though the stunt to stop the victim was reckless, Sean was grateful for the blonde haired man's help.

Leigh also noticed that the blonde haired man had been injured as he had been the riding his motorcycle without a helmet and Sean told him that he should go with the paramedics too. Leigh and the man exchanged names with the man introducing himself as Sam Parks, who instantly became smitten with her.

Later Sam dressed in his pilot attire arrived at the Lifeguard training center with a pot of flowers for Sean as a thank you (which Sean later threw in the bin). He then invited Leigh to join him during one of his flights, but when she told him she was on duty till late, he invited her to dinner and she excepted.

After a few socials, Leigh began enjoying being with Sam. However Sean had his doubts about Sam for his reckless and dangerous behavior and told Leigh that she might be putting herself as well as the team in danger but Leigh refused to listen.

Leigh and Sam

Leigh about to try some hang gliding with Sam

Later she agreed to do some hang gliding from a spot that Sam had chosen at M. The wind proved to be too strong with Sam recklessly flying into a cliff and crashing into the ocean. After calling the Lifeguard center for back up she landed and rescued Sam from the ocean, giving him CPR to revive him. Sam didn't seem to care that he almost drowned and instead called it a great experience, much to her astonishment.

After Sam recovered in the hospital, he went to see Leigh again, but she felt unsafe around Sam for his risk-taking antics and broke off the relationship. Sean tried to comfort her, but she took his gesture with stubbornness, though he had been right about Sam all along (Dangerous Games).

After Sean and Jason took part in another rescue, Leigh came along to see how things went and met one of the victims Danny Baxter whom she had previously chased away from every beach when she was a Hawaii lifeguard due to his antics of stealing and carjacking.

Though Leigh knew that Danny was to blame as he had tried to steal another car and plunged it into the ocean, endangering both Sean and Jason and that Sean should speak up before anyone else gets hurt, Sean said that they're lifeguards not cops and wanted her to drop it.

To add insult to injury, Jenna who had come to investigate the previous rescue, came along and told Leigh about Sean's previous relationship with her and if she had any feelings for him that she should watch out incase he hurt her too. Leigh however shook this off.

The next day during a distance swim with the trainees, Leigh met Jenna again who offered to take her to lunch. They have a conversation, with Jenna issuing an ultimatum to help each other out to keep the center running.

Later Leigh sent Danny away from the beach again after he was seen bothering some owners of a surf shack. Danny came to her and told him that he had changed his ways but she wasn't convinced so she set him a challenge to be around for Open Ocean Training to prove himself, which he accepted.

During a rescue to save a victim from a flaming boat that was on the verge of exploding a heart belonging to a some in need of a heart transplant, Leigh saw Danny assist Carrie in sending the heart back to the hospital.

Leigh still wasn't convinced that Danny had changed and after berating Sean for still supporting him like the son he had lost, Sean lost his temper, telling her that he had shared so much with her and can't understand her attitude. Leigh retorts back that he should of told her more about Jenna (Stone Cold).

Transfer letters were sent to have Leigh transferred back to Hawaii Lifeguards, but Sean assured her that that would never happen.

After the two then witness Danny diving in to save a victim, even though he partly responsible for the victim's parents being pickpocketed. Sean gives Danny a opportunity to be part of the Lifeguard Training Program, much to Leigh's displeasure, who was certain someone like Danny couldn't change his ways, part agreed to give it a shot as Sean was more than willing to pull him out if he failed.

That night at the Hilton Tropics, Bar and Beach Café, Leigh had agreed to meet Jenna on an important matter. Jenna wanted her to be her spy for the center or be transferred again, but she refused.

During a trainee exercise involving Danny and Zack with a SCARAB, she with Kekoa witnessed Danny turn on the engine when he wasn't supposed to and then cause a fight between the two. Later it was revealed that Kekoa's bracelet and then a set of keys from Sean's desk was missing and Leigh suspected Danny, even though Sean rebukes her for it, saying they need proof. Next a jet-ski was missing, resulting Danny being removed from the programme as he had been the last person using it. However J.D. had taken it away to be serviced. Sean and Leigh found Danny and tried to apologize but Danny wasn't convinced and had had enough of their lack of faith in him, leaving in a huff.

After taking the one of the SCARABs away without permission, resulting in people on another boat falling into the ocean, Sean began to lose faith in Danny and allowed him to be arrested.

Later Jenna paid her another visit and asked her to reconsider her decision to help her but Leigh revealed that she saw through her vindictiveness and wouldn't allow her to destroy Sean or the center (Broken Promises).

Things got worse for the team when Zack was suspended for botching a rescue resulting in injuring J.D. and Jenna and McKenna possessing their SCARABs and jet-skis.

She then hears from Kekoa that she has fallen in love with J.D. and urges her to go with it. Later much to her and Sean's delight, Jenna was stranded on one of the SCARABs by hitting a sandbank she was using to take some other lifeguards to some beach front property and needed assistance. However, after the rescue, it turned out the papers of ownership for the damaged SCARAB had "mysteriously disappeared" by Jenna and it still belonged to the Sean and his team (Dream Girl).

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding[]


  • Leigh is the second lifeguard to be a helicopter pilot, after Allie Reese. She is also using Allie's old helicopter to fly.
  • Brande says in an interview that she was heading for an audition for a pilot episode in a volleyball show that by chance was being held by the casting directors of the show who when they saw her, offered an audition for the role of Leigh Dyer in their new season being aired in Hawaii, which she accepted. She went through about four or five auditions with the final one involving a film test and a swimming test including holding your breath underwater and being able to master various swimming techniques. She was then called by them two months later, saying she now had the role, which she saw as a fun, exciting experience and a chance to move to Hawaii. She also says "I'll take being on Baywatch over being Prom Queen any day!"
  • In a scene in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, Leigh is helping the team in Los Angeles. She is seen wearing the original red swimsuit.




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