Lifeguard Tower

The Lifeguard Tower is the main area where the Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii lifeguards are on patrol to check the safety and activities of the beach. It is positioned in clear view towards the beach overlooking the shore so the lifeguards can see everything from a drowning person to any fowl play on that particular part on the beach. They are manned by either one or two lifeguards.

It has a shaded roof that protects the lifeguard from getting heatstroke and a chair where they can sit comfortably while they are watching the beach.

There is also a hook on the roof where the rescue can is kept so the lifeguard can get to it easily if it is needed and a telephone to call the main headquarters in case of serious incidents that the main supervisors need to handle.

CJ 62

C.J. on duty in her tower

Inside is a radio that can be used to call for any backup when needed and other equipment such as binoculars used to get a proper close up of the beach. They also keep their trucks close by in case they need to move to another area.

The ramp that leads up and down to the tower makes it easy for the lifeguards to get up and down quickly and safely

If someone is in trouble, the lifeguards spring into action, grabbing their rescue cans and rushing towards the destination of the incident. Sometimes after quickly assessing the situation, they will call for back up if it takes more than one lifeguard to solve the problem. It is also essential for the towers to be safe and in order to carry out rescues quickly and effectively because a person's life depends on a lifeguard being close by to assess and respond to any situation.

A strict rule is only to use the tower for lifeguarding or a specific emergency. In the episode Sweet Dreams, lifeguard Logan Fowler broke this rule when he invited a beach girl to share a time of intimacy in his chosen tower. Lieutenants Mitch Buchannon and Stephanie Holden were very stern with him, giving him a few days off to read over his lifeguard manual and when he got back he would be tested. If Logan failed, he would be suspended.

Some towers in the series have had their fair share of unpleasant situations including breaking in, vandalism and even getting blow up, resulting in the towers having to be mended or rebuilt to insure the safety of that particular area of the beach.



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