The truck

The Lifeguard Truck is an important mode of transportation for the Baywatch lifeguards of Los Angeles County and Hawaii.

It is a four wheeled, two-seater and carries necessary lifeguard equipment on board such as Rescue Cans, Binoculars, radios, surfboards, First Aid Kits and air respirators.

Throughout the course of all 11 seasons of Baywatch, the lifeguard truck was a staple on the show - featuring nearly as much as the lifeguards themselves.

There were a handful of different variations throughout the show:

  • The pilot episode (S1e1) featured a Nissan Hardbody King Cab 4x4 along with a GMC S-15 truck.
  • Season 1 featured a Dodge Dakota pickup truck.
  • Season 3 featured a Toyota Truck XtraCab SR5 4X4 V6.
  • Later seasons (season 4 and season 9), along with Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding featured a Ford Ranger pickup truck.
  • Season 5 featured a GMC Sierra K-2500 which was a modified pickup with more storage space at the back for essential lifeguard equipment.
  • Later seasons (after season 5) also featured a Ford F-350. This was a large truck with a massive amount of storage space at the back along with a flat open area to accommodate lifeguards and patients on stretchers. This truck was called the 'Call Car' by lifeguards on the show as it acted an advanced paramedic vehicle, which was equipped with more supplies and facilities than the standard trucks.
  • Baywatch Hawaii (seasons 10 and 11) featured a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab in a distinctive red colour.

The trucks were the ideal beach transport for the lifeguards, enabling them to make swift rescues and transport victims quickly off the beach.

The open back allowed patients to be laid down on a stretcher and the lifeguards to just hop on without the need to open doors and buckle seatbelts (all of which would slow down a rescue).

The trucks could quickly drive them straight to the location of their watch tower as well as get to a danger zone when another lifeguard asks for backup.

Lifeguard Truck variations[]