Livin’ on the Fault Line, Part I is the first episode of the fifth season of Baywatch.

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LIVIN’ ON THE FAULT LINE, PART I - A minor earthquake prompts a geological survey team to come to Baywatch to plant a seismometer in an underwater fault line near Malibu Beach. When Stephanie falls for the team leader, her life, as well as Hobie’s, Jackie’s and many others hang in the balance as the area is hit by a massive earthquake.


  • First appearance of Jaason Simmons as Logan Fowler.
  • This episode contains footages from the Season One finale, "The End?".
  • The opening credits now reflect Pamela Anderson as C.J., as Anderson has dropped her middle name Denise.
  • Yasmine Bleeth joins the cast as Stephanie's sister, Caroline Holden, reprising her role from Tentacles, Part II and is added to the opening credits.
  • This season's current cast listed in the order they appear in the opening credits: David Hasselhoff (Mitch), Pamela Anderson (C.J.), David Charvet (Matt), Yasmine Bleeth (Caroline), Jaason Simmons (Logan), Jeremy Jackson (Hobie), Gregory Alan-Williams (Garner) and Alexandra Paul (Stephanie).
  • Nicole Eggert's departure from the series is explained in this episode when Summer's mother, Jackie (played by Susan Anton) mentions that Summer moved back to Philadelphia to attend college after a painful breakup with Matt.

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