Mädchen Elaina Amick (Born December 12, 1970) is an actress, producer and director who portrayed Laurie Harris in the Baywatch pilot episode Panic at Malibu Pier.

She is also known for her various television roles including Shelley Johnson in Twin Peaks, Carrie Fairchild in C.P.W., Alison in Freddie, Wendy Beauchamp in Witches of West End and Alice Cooper in Riverdale where she has also directed two episodes.

Mädchen is also the producer and director of two video shorts Sly Beetz: Spoken and Mina Tobias: Kings & Queens.

She has been married to David Alexis since 1995 and has two children; a son named Sylvester Time Amick-Tobias and a daughter named Mina Tobias.

Characters portrayed by Mädchen Amick in the series[]


  • Her first name is translated from German as "girl".