Missing is the tenth episode of the eighth season of Baywatch. It was originally aired on November 24, 1997.

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Cody becomes consumed with guilt when his actions of leaving his post before the end of his shift to go on a date with Lani result in the disappearance of a young Latino woman swimming in the ocean, and the incident results in a hyped media circus that comes to the beach to cover the story. While the entire Baywatch force, including Manny, Newman, Lani and Caroline deal with looking for the missing girl, Mitch is also faced with the hostile press as well as the pressure from his superiors demanding Cody's resignation.



  • Former Baywatch regular Parker Stevenson (Craig) directed this episode.
  • Former Baywatch regular Yasmine Bleeth (Caroline) returns to guest star in this episode.
Season 8 (1997-1998)
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