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Morgan Christopher is a minor character in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]

Morgan is slender woman in her late twenties with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Early Life[]

Morgan grew up with a father who loved the beach, surfing and beautiful women. He promised Morgan that he would always be there for her, but one day he left and never came back, which assumed that he was having an affair with one of the girls he met. This broke both Morgan and her mother's hearts and made her became cynical of beachgoers.

When she was a child, she went on a tour of FBI headquarters in Washington DC which made her discover what she wanted to do and years later she joined and became one the organization's top agents in the field.


She soon got an assignment staking out a beach front warehouse in Los Angeles where a girl named Tanya lived. Tanya was the boyfriend of an escaped mobster named Sunny Scanlin and it was believed that he would pick Tanya up before he left the country so they needed information of when she would contact or meet him. Morgan would be disguised as a lifeguard (much to her dislike) so she could get a good view from one of the Lifeguard towers to observe everything that was going on with some fellow agents on the bluff to cover her.

Morgan discussing her duties

Morgan discussing her FBI assignment with the Baywatch Lifeguard Team

Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon who knew about Tanya and that she went swimming on the beach at 10 am and 5pm gave his full co-operation to this assignment and attempted to befriend Morgan, but her dislike for beachgoers was still strong. She accused Mitch of window dressing and told him not to interfere, much to his and Stephanie's surprise.

As they entered the tower and began watching the house, Morgan was rather rude and insulting towards him. Mitch said crossly that he would mind his own business and stay out of her way if she did the same likewise.

Just as Mitch said, Tanya came out of her beach house, for her swim at 10 am. Morgan then began taking pictures of her as she came out. As they watched Tanya head for the ocean, Mitch told her that her swim would last 20 minutes, after which she would return to the house. Morgan replied rudely that he'd better be right and called the agents on the bluff in on her walkie talkie to enter the house and plant a bug on her phone to listen in.

Mitch then left to rescue a swimmer, whilst Morgan watched the beach. However soon a female beachgoer asked her to save her drunken boyfriend who was caught in a riptide. Morgan was hesitant as she didn't want to desert her post, but after some persuasion from the beachgoer, she grabbed a Rescue Can and followed her to the victim's location.

Mitch saving Morgan's life

Mitch rescuing Morgan

However during the rescue Morgan got hit on the head with the can and slowly began to sink under the ocean unconscious. Mitch who had seen everything, swam to her rescue. While lifeguard Matt Brody rescued the drunken swimmer, Mitch dived under the ocean to save the still unconscious Morgan. He brought her safely to the beach and performed the routine of CPR, until she recovered. Mitch asked her if she was okay, but instead of saying thank you, she pulled herself away from him and ran back to the tower.

Later Tanya had come back from her swim and Morgan tried to listen in with the bug device the bluff agents had successfully placed on Tanya's phone. However at the advice of her boyfriend, Tanya used a scrambling device that jammed the signal so their conversation wouldn't be overheard.

Mitch tried to give her some friendly advice, but she once again returned the gesture rudely. Mitch then left to patrol the beach.

Morgan at the Beach House

Morgan trying to escape from Tanya's Beach House

Tanya then exited her house to take her swim at 5pm. Morgan then left the tower to enter the beach house herself to plant another bug. However Tanya was soon on her way back to the house, so Mitch distracted her to buy Morgan some more time and escape safely. He finally rang Morgan in the house itself to warn her.

Back at the tower, Morgan continued her hostility towards Mitch saying that she would of succeeded if he had not interfered. Mitch by this time was getting exasperated by her rudeness and ingratitude after all he did to help her, including saving her life and told her that she had been looking down her nose at him ever since she arrived and was wrong to have this constant bad attitude.

She then left for Baywatch Lifeguard headquarters for a further report on the situation. Mitch then went to visit Tanya, pretending he was sponsoring the Lifeguard Olympics with the proceeds going to an under privileged children charity. Whilst Tanya was getting her purse to pay him, Mitch installed Morgan's bug on one of the shelves in the house. Morgan returned to the tower and watched with interest at Mitch's success.

Later, she apologised to Mitch, told him what had happened with her father and gave a proper thank you for all his help. They then watched as Tanya came out for her 5pm swim and exchanged a friendly conversation. Mitch then saw Tanya drowning in the ocean and set off to rescue her. Morgan watched as Mitch was diving under to save her and borrowed a surfboard from the nearest beachgoer.

After another lifeguard Newmie Newman arrived, they both continued the search, still finding nothing. After Morgan arrived, they found out that Tanya had faked her drowning and was trying to escape on a boat with Sunny on board.

Mitch and Morgan on Jet-ski

Mitch and Morgan chasing the crooks on a jet-ski

Mitch and Morgan sped after them on a Lifeguard jet-ski, discussing what to do next. Morgan insisted that Mitch should keep the speed up to get them closer, whilst she got on board. Eventually she got on board and fought an attacking Tanya. Though Morgan knocked Tanya unconscious, Sunny came up from behind and tossed her into the ocean.

Mitch himself got onboard, fought Sunny and knocked him out too. As he began to steer the boat back to the beach, he saw a wave from Morgan to tell him she was safe. Afterwards Sunny and Tanya were arrested.

Later that evening, Morgan and Mitch had a romantic picnic to celebrate the assignment being a success. It is most likely that she returned to FBI headquarters as she is never seen or mentioned again.