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Nicki Schachter is a minor character in Baywatch Nights.


Nicki was the daughter of a successful businessman but soon his company was failing and the Rancor financial company bought him out. Though this was through honest means, Mr. Schachter was unable to cope with his losses, and committed suicide.

Seeking revenge, Nicki joined the intelligence branch of the special forces unit that specialized in sabotage and explosives, afterwards she became a worker at the very company she felt was responsible for the loss of her father and sought to take control of it herself.

She then began her scheme by killing the senior council by sabotaging the smoke detector and sprinkler system in his four star hotel room so he would choke to death from smoking in his bed. A month later, she killed another one of the employees Doug, by sabotaging his glider while he was on holiday.

Though these were ruled out as two single accidents, her bosses Rhett and Debra Collins saw this as deliberate sabotage and asked their old friend Mitch Buchannon, who was now a lifeguard and Private Investigator to help them get concrete evidence to give to the police to support their theory.

At the Rancor Cocktail party, Nicki was introduced to Mitch and his partner Ryan McBride, assuring them that she would do all she could to help them with their investigation. Brett was called away to move his condor boat, but unbeknownst to him, Nicki had rigged it to explode. She then watched with everyone else as Mitch dived in to save Brett from the flaming wreckage. Nicki put her arms round Debra for support and pretended to be relieved with everyone else that Brett was still alive. He was then shipped off to the hospital and placed in intensive care.

Nicki then visited Debra in the hospital who had been with her husband all night and then left as work was needed to be done at Rancor. Brett's attack was once again ruled out as an accident and made no connection to the other two but Mitch wasn't convinced and asked Nicki some questions on who was doing this and why. She told him that the motive must be incorporate sabotage with someone organizing a hostile takeover by destroying the management team. She then agrees to meet Mitch at the Baywatch Nights club to help out with more of the investigation.

After meeting at Mitch's chosen location, they exchange conversation. Later when they went to her car, and she accidentally dropped her car keys, Mitch bent down to retrieve them and noticed that a bomb had been installed under the car. They both ran away just before the car exploded. Mitch then took the seeming terrified Nicki back to his house to spend the night. However Mitch began to have his doubts about Nicki and suspected that the timed explosion was too perfect and the car remote she was holding could possibly of detonated the bomb.

Next Morning, another employee Donald Jenson was next on Nicki's hit list. She put odorless Sulphuric acid in his humidifier. Garner Ellerbee who had been investigating in one of the offices, rescued Donald and took him away to safety. He was then placed in a hyperbaric chamber at the hospital.

Nicki then set her sights on her last victim Debra. She held her at gunpoint to another condor boat which Debra owned. Debra tried to reason with her, but Nicki bitterly said how much her company had hurt her father and now she was paying them back. She handcuffed Debra to the boat and got in herself, driving it to a empty area of the ocean where she rigged up some explosives of C3 and C4 that would kill Debra in five minutes whilst she got clean away.

However she saw Mitch coming towards them on a ski-boat. Mitch, Ryan and Garner had put all the pieces together, now knowing that she was responsible for all the sabotage and had deliberately set up the explosives in her car to avoid suspicion.

Nicki tried to shoot Mitch, but Debra kicked her gun out of her hand, she then tried to stab him, but Mitch managed to wrestle it away from her and after a brief fight of hand to hand combat, he knocked her down.

Unable to dispose of the bomb as it would immediately detonate if removed, Mitch instead freed Debra using a blowtorch and they made plans to get off the boat with now only a few seconds on the clock. Nicki regained consciousness and Mitch urged her to come with them but she refused, knowing full well that she had now lost everything and would certainly end up in prison, so as Mitch and Debra jumped clear, Nicki committed suicide by staying on board as the condor continued to drift into the distance. The bomb then exploded and killed her.