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Nicole Elizabeth Eggert (Born January 13, 1972) is an actress who played Roberta "Summer" Quinn in Baywatch from 1992-1994 and its TV movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.

She has also produced the documentary After Baywatch: Moment in the Sun.

Nicole is also known for her first starring role as Jamie Powell on the television show Charles in Charge, her appearance as a contestant on the celebrity reality television series Celebrity Fit Club and came in 2nd place on a celebrity diving competition called Splash.

She was formerly married to actor Justin Herwick with whom she has two daughters; Dilyn and Keegan.

Characters portrayed by Nicole Eggert on the show[]


  • Nicole shares the same birthday with other Baywatch actress Traci Bingham.
  • Nicole keeps one of her bomber jackets in her home.
  • In 2009, Nicole appeared in a hilarious Baywatch themed video for the comedy website Funny or Die. In it she's a lifeguard who comes across some victims who won't allow her to save them because she's overweight (though they deny it), so in retaliation, she lets them drown.