Nightmare Bay, Part I is the first episode of the second season of Baywatch. It previously aired on September 23, 1991.

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An underwater photographer is attacked and more than a few people believe a sea monster is responsible. Shauni's work as a lifeguard leads to conflict with a bunch of locals and her father.



  • This episode originally aired as a two-hour episode with the next episode. The two-part episode was later released on video as Baywatch: Nightmare Bay.
  • This is the first episode aired on Syndication after NBC cancelled the show.
  • Jeremy Jackson replaces Brandon Call as Hobie after leaving the show for the sitcom Step by Step.
  • Rocky, Hobie´s dog from the 1st season on NBC is not mentioned in this episode.
  • Writer and producer Deborah Bonann Schwartz appears in this episode during the press conference near the beach.
  • Pamela Bach joins the cast in this episode in the recurring role of Kaye Morgan. Bach is the real-life wife of series star David Hasselhoff (Mitch).
  • Three new actors are added to the cast and are included in the opening credits. Joining the cast are Richard Jaeckel as Lt. Ben Edwards, Tom McTigue as Harvey Miller and Jeremy Jackson as Hobie Buchannon (replacing Brandon Call from the 1st season on NBC).
  • This season's current cast listed in the order they appear in the opening credits: David Hasselhoff, Billy Warlock, Erika Eleniak, Jeremy Jackson, Tom McTigue, Monte Markham and Richard Jaeckel.
  • Visual changes from the first season on NBC to the first season in syndication include: 1) Mitch´s house (although it looks the same from the outside, the kitchen has been moved inside) and 2) the lifeguard uniforms are now white instead of grey.
  • This episode marks the series successful revival in syndication after it was cancelled after one season on NBC. Four stars from the original series reprise their roles for the syndicated series- David Hasselhoff, Billy Warlock, Erika Eleniak and Monte Markham.
  • Jeremy Jackson´s naturally dark hair was lightened so that the new Hobie would resemble his former screen incarnation. Jackson is four years younger than Brandon Call the previous actor to play Hobie and, as a result, Hobie now appears younger than he did when he first appeared in the 1989 TV-movie.


Season 2 (1991-1992)
Baywatch Season 2

Main Characters:
Mitch BuchannonEddie KramerShauni McClainHobie BuchannonDon ThorpeBen EdwardsHarvey Miller

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