Panic at Malibu Pier is the first episode of the first season of Baywatch and the overall first ever episode of the series itself. It originally aired on April 23, 1989.

Guest Stars[]

  • Mädchen Amick as Laurie Harris
  • Richard Jaeckel as Al Gibson
  • Hope Marie Carlton as Trevor Cole's girl
  • Jasper Cole as Ross
  • Kellie Martin as Chelsea Carroll
  • Michael McManus as Sid Wilson
  • Branscombe Richmond as Lifeguard
  • Kimber Sissons as Shauni McClain's blonde friend
  • Nancy Valen as Hallie
  • Teri Weigel as cowgirl-bikini-model

Episode Information[]

Two members of the Baywatch lifeguard unit (Eddie and Shauni) stationed on Santa Monica Bay experience traumatic personal upheavals, a potential suicide victim and a dramatic ocean rescue.




  • This is the series premiere of Baywatch and originally aired as a two hour long episode.
  • Richard Jaeckel who plays Al Gibson in this episode, later played Lt. Ben Edwards 1991-1994.
  • Gina Hecht plays Gina Pomeroy in the pilot, but Holly Gagnier takes over the role in subsequent episodes.
  • Nancy Valen who plays Hallie in the pilot, later became a regular cast member in 1996 as Captain Samantha Thomas.
  • Brian Austin Green, who would later go on to star on Beverly Hills 90210 has a small role as a boy on the beach in this episode.
  • John Sherrod has a small role as life guard Owen in this episode.
  • Kellie Martin plays Chelsea Carol, a girl in whom Hobie is interested in.
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