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Petra is a minor character in Baywatch


Petra is a slender attractive woman with long brown hair and brown eyes.


Petra was one of many contestants who entered in Bikini contests. In 1995, she came second in the Palm Springs contest losing to Donna Marco who was using the alias of "Morgan" during her participation in the contests.


She then came with other contestants to take part in the Miss Malibu Beach Bikini Contest of 1996 Los Angeles. Petra was Contestant #19. After a workout on the beach, she then met Donna again who was now a Los Angeles County Lifeguard.

Donna didn't recognize Petra at first until she reminded her of the contest in Palm Springs the year before. Donna admitted that she had been in many Bikini contests winning sashes and prize money but things were different now and she didn't want her past to be revealed or it would be perceived in the wrong way and ruin her credibility as a lifeguard. She then asked Petra to keep this knowledge to herself.

Petra slyly said she would try but wasn't making any promises as secrets had a way of getting out and went back to the hut where the rest of the contestants were.

Later after applying makeup and changing her clothes, she met Donna again and told her if she persuaded her boss Mitch Buchannon who was one of the judges to vote for her and no one else, she would keep quiet about Donna's indiscretion.

However Donna refused to be blackmailed and told Mitch the truth. Seeing Donna talking to Mitch made Petra believe her scheme had worked and ended up in the finals with Audrey, Contestant #16.

The judges then declared Audrey the winner, leaving Petra in a sulky mood though she tried to put on a happy face for coming in second. To get back at Donna, she told Mitch about Donna's participations in Bikini contests but Mitch told her that he already knew and also that Donna had always beat her in those contests. Petra then left the stage in disgrace.

She isn't seen again after this but it is most likely that she left Los Angeles.