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Priscilla Lee Taylor (Born August 15, 1971), also known as Priscilla Lee Inga Taylor is an actress, model and producer who made a guest appearance in the Baywatch Nights episode The Vortex as an unnamed blonde actress.

She is best known for her roles of Beach blonde/actress Traycee Banks in the comedy sitcom Malibu CA and Dahlia Dax in Gothic Assassins and Gothic Assassins Redux which she also produced.

Priscilla was also a contestant in Fear Factor and guest starred as Elaine in an episode of V.I.P., the television series that starred Pamela Anderson and has also appeared in many various other television shows and films including View From The Top, Six Days Seven Nights, Off Centre and Out of Practice.


  • In an episode of Malibu CA, Priscilla's character Traycee is auditioning play a lifeguard on Baywatch. In another episode, Traycee was in a Lifeguard Training video and nicknamed "Baywatch Bambi".