Rescue Tube

The Rescue Tube

The Rescue Tube is an important piece of equipment used by the lifeguards in Hawaii. It is a life preserver in the form of a thin floating yellow tube, branded with words "LIFEGUARD" or "RESCUE" on it in black, that is used to support their victims in the water. Though it's design is slightly different from the Rescue Can, but it's purpose and function is the same, and the lifeguards have to keep them with them at all times.

Like the Rescue Can, when a lifeguard sees a victim in trouble, they rush to the scene quickly unwinding the rope, placing the black strap of it over their shoulder and dive into the water towards the victim.

The tube is then placed under that person's arms while they are held securely by the lifeguard as they gently bring them back to the beach. It also has clips that can be used to wrap the tube around the victim securely.