Risk to Death is the seventh episode of the tenth season of Baywatch, also known as the first season of Baywatch Hawaii. It was originally aired on November 1, 1999.

Guest Stars[]

  • Ben Cayateno as Himself

Episode Information[]

After Jason risks his life in a rash attempt to save two scuba divers trapped on a reef, Sean threatens to throw Jason off the team if he doesn't change the way he thinks about the risks and lives of people in need of a rescue in which Jason is confined to a beach for the whole day to learn what the people that are there are confronted, with Sean keeping a close eye on him. Jason sees three college-aged men on vacation for a surf, and the leader, Pete, mouths off Jason, just for trying to help him and his friends. Then disaster strikes when Pete gets slammed on the sand looking disabled after a broken neck. The accident left Jason scared and traumatized, seeing a college surfer getting disabled for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, Dawn tags along with Allie during a helicopter patrol with Coast Guardsman Nick Montgomery, while J.D., Jessie and Kekoa dive to photograph a bonsai lava reef. But everyone's paths come together when they must find and rescue a pregnant woman and her husband stranded in the ocean after falling off their sailboat and the woman goes into labor. Everyone watches as the woman give birth and are all happy, except Jason who is still shaken up by the surfer's disability.


  • Ben Cayetano, at the time of the episode's airing Governor of Hawaii, guest stars as himself in this episode.
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