Rubber Ducky is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of Baywatch. It was originally aired on January 30, 1995.

Guest Stars[]

  • Rebekah Carlton-Luff as Tracy Dodsworth
  • Anne Jeffreys as Irene Buchannon
  • Robert Colbert as Cliff Odom
  • Shane Fraser as Gator Dodsworth
  • Annette McCarthy as Kathleen Huntington
  • Greg Barnett as Jim Barnett
  • Daniele Raciti as Lisa
  • Patrick Andersen as Starter
  • Janette Andrade as Student (uncredited)
  • Chris Fiore as Brad (uncredited)

Episode Information[]

When Logan’s visa is about to expire, he has only two ways to stay at Baywatch: buy a green card illegally with his winnings from an upcoming “rubber ducky” boat race, or marry Kathleen, a rich widow. But Logan is in love with Caroline, not Kathleen, and Matt is determined to beat Logan in the race. Meanwhile, Mitch’s relationship with Tracy continues to grow, despite his mother’s disapproval. Then things take a reverse move when Irene begins dating former Baywatch lifeguard Cliff Odom much to Mitch's disapproval.



Season 5 (1994-1995)
Baywatch Season 5

Main Characters:
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Recurring Characters:
Newmie NewmanJim BarnettJohn D. CortGayle BuchannonJackie QuinnKaye MorganTracy DodsworthJoey Jennings

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