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SAF3 (pronounced SAFE and also known as Rescue 3) is an action drama series created by Gregory J. Bonann and Tai Collins.

It also had the slogan "Are you safe?"


The series is based around a division of the Malibu Fire Department taking care of the three major areas (SAF3); Sea, Air and Fire.

The series consisted of 20 episodes and ran from September 21, 2013 – May 17, 2014.

Main Cast[]

  • Dolph Lundgren as Captain John Eriksson, team leader
  • J.R. Martinez as Alfonso Rivera, paramedic firefighter
  • Texas Battle as Texas Daly, water rescuer
  • Katie Meehan as Charley Frazer, rookie lifeguard
  • Lydia Hull as Lily Maddox, firefighter
  • Jocelyn Osorio as Graciela Vega, field medic
  • Danielle Anderson as Kacie West, John's daughter
  • Karl Thaning as Jared Taylor, a pilot
  • Pia Lamberg as Heather, a lifeguard
  • Chris Fisher as Bryce Elliott, a lifeguard
  • Travis Burns as Chase Robertson, a lifeguard

Recurring Cast[]

  • Kim Engelbrecht as Becca Conners
  • Lex King as Lex


  • Unlike Baywatch, whose storyline only covered the safety in the Sea area and occasionally on Land and Air of the Fire Department, SAF3 covered the all three.
  • Though not a parody of Baywatch itself, it had a Baywatch type theme due to two of the original series crew being involved and many similarities such as the responsibilities of the lifeguards, their rescue gear and their outfits for beach duty, including an altered version of the iconic red swimsuit.