Baywatch Scarab


The SCARAB is an important mode of transportation for the Baywatch lifeguards of Los Angeles County and Hawaii.

It is a bright yellow motor powered speedboat that is used in rescues and training exercises. It is incredibly fast, with its two engines and can get the lifeguards to wherever the rescue may be happening at sea in no time at all.

A large team of lifeguards travel on the SCARABs together, while at other times, they take them in paired teams or solo rescues, however there is another one close by for back up.


Original (s1) lifeguard boat

Season 1 LA County Lifeguard boat

  • The SCARAB features from the early days of Baywatch (from Season 3 onwards replacing the small white and red county lifeguard boats).
  • During Season 9, the SCARAB was joined by a larger muscle power speedboat, that was far more powerful than the SCARAB but a lot less efficient as Cody Madison finds out when it runs out of fuel.
  • During season 10 in Hawaii, Newmie Newman arranges for the SCARAB to be brought over to Hawaii to join the Lifeguard training centre, enabling it to become one of their prime rescue craft.
SCARAB + Helicopter

A SCARAB seen alongside the Coastguard helicopter.

The SCARAB is often seen working closely with lifeguard headquarters and the lifeguards on the beach via the onboard radio system. Additionally the SCARAB provided a stable platform for the Coastguard helicopter to transfer patients rapidly to the nearest hospital via its winch system and the long open area at the front and rear of the SCARAB (providing a clear space for the rescue basket to land).

The lifeguards normally dive off the SCARAB either while it is moving or while stationary to enable them to get to a victim in the water swiftly and efficiently. They equip themselves with Rescue Cans stored onboard the SCARAB when diving in.

The SCARAB holds a wide range of lifeguarding equipment from scuba gear, radios and spare air cylinders to first aid kits and Rescue Cans.