Sail Away is the seventeenth episode of the sixth season of Baywatch. It was originally aired on February 18, 1996.

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The pressure on the Baywatch sailing team to win the annual lifeguard regatta becomes more intense when Neely reveals her personal stake in the outcome. Meanwhile, Mitch’s adoption of Joey is threatened when she discovers she has maternal grandparents… who now want to take custody of her.



  • Joey's mother's name was Kyla Jennings, then she married a man with the surname Weaver. This is why Mitch didn't know who she was since when he knew her because she used her maiden name. This also explains that Joey was legally adopted by her stepfather since she still had his last name.
  • Guest star Angie Harmon (Ryan) crosses over in her role from the spin-off series, Baywatch Nights.
  • Final appearance of Joey Jennings.



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