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Sandy is a minor character in Baywatch Nights.

Physical Appearance[]

Sandy is a slender attractive woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes.


It is never revealed how she joined Baywatch, but since her only appearance was in one episode, it can be assumed she was a temporary lifeguard in the absence of another in the same way as Devon Connor.

Baywatch Nights[]

Sandy is seen arriving in a Lifeguard Truck on beach patrol. She sees Mitch Buchannon attending to a wounded girl. Mitch asks her to bring the first aid kit to clean the wound on the girl's head. Sandy then picks up her purse and tells Mitch that the identity of this girl is Hayley Cartwright. Hayley grabs the purse back.

Sandy then watches Mitch help Hayley up and tells her that the wound isn't that bad but he feels she should be taken to Baywatch Headquarters for an X-ray after he has contacted her parents. Hayley detests that Mitch doesn't have to phone her parents, but Mitch assures her that they have to.

After Mitch tells Hayley to keep pressure on the wound, Sandy and Mitch get up and discuss the situation. Mitch asks her to call Headquarters and have Family Services meet her there. However Hayley uses this opportunity to run away. Sandy sees her disappear and calls to Mitch who tries to follow her, but to no avail.

Later on it is revealed that Hayley ran away from the abusive boyfriend of her mother, who turned out to be a killer. However the boyfriend and her partner were caught and Hayley was safe and willing to testify against him with her mother by her side.

Though Sandy is never seen again after the scene on the beach, it can be assumed that she was informed by Mitch or what was going on.

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