Scott Chapman Plank (November 11, 1958-October 24, 2002) was an actor who guest starred as Sam Parks in four episodes of Season 11 of Baywatch.

He is also known for various television roles ; Ace in Guiding Light, Gary Hammersmith in Sons and Daughters, Eddie Sanders and Arthur Vandenberg in Strange Luck, Nick Reardon in Melrose Place, Wiley Ferrell in Air America, and Scott Exstead Jr. in The Division.

Scott also appeared in other television shows and movies including; The Princess and the Call Girl, Wired, American Strays, Moonbase, Charmed, ER, V.I.P., which starred Pamela Anderson, NYPD Blue and Holes.

He died tragically at the age of 43 in a road accident.

Characters portrayed by Scott Plank on the show[]