Silent Witness is the third episode of the first season of Baywatch Nights.

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A strange woman asks Mitch and Garner to help to seek out her daughter who has accidentally becomes the only witness to a murder. Meanwhile, Mitch's zen girlfriend, Destiny, has some complications throughout the night after her bag is switched at the LA airport, and Ryan gets ripped off on ocean view property she plans to buy.


  • At one point, Mitch assures Ryan that she can fix up a trailer to be their detective office similiar to the Rockford Files show. Rockford Files was a 70's detective series which starred James Garner as a hard boiled private detective who operated out of his trailer home.
  • At one point, Mitch and the others are talking how Shaft would react to the situation they were facing. Shaft was a 1971 action drama featuring a black police detective that was portrayed as cool and hip.

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