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Simon is a minor character in Baywatch.


Simon was hot air balloon bungee instructor who gave lifeguard C.J. Parker a ride in his balloon. However he kept calling C.J. while she was duty, telling her to look up at him from her binoculars and even asking her to fly to Hawaii with him. He proved to be a massive nuisance to C.J. who had to constantly be on the alert from her tower in case anyone needed saving instead of being distracted.

Finally he crossed the line when he urged C.J.'s friends Matt Brody and Jimmy Slade to perform a bungee jump from the balloon several feet over the ocean to gain the approval of another lifeguard named Summer Quinn. Jimmy dove down first and swallowed too much water, making him unconscious. Matt dove to save him and C.J. and Summer came to the rescue on a jet-ski.

Jimmy recovered but C.J. broke up with Simon and berated him for encouraging Matt and Jimmy to be foolish, saying she never wanted to see him again.