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Skylar "Sky" Bergman is a character in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]

Marliece-andrada-Skylar 23

Sky was a tall, beautiful woman in her mid-twenties with long blonde hair (straight or curled) and blue eyes.

She was 170 cm (5'6") in height and 54 kg (118 lbs) in weight.


Sky is a nature girl with a warm nurturing personality as seen in her friendship with April Giminski and Lani McKenzie and is willing to help others in need.

She also tries to be trustworthy and is upset by anyone who feels she can't be (The Choice).

It can also be assumed by how uncomfortable she felt whilst she was trying to find a missing body with April that morgues gross her out (Memorial Day).

Skills and Abilities[]

Marliece-andrada-Skylar 26

Though having a brief appearance, Sky is shown to know the basics of being a lifeguard including CPR and First Aid, as well as having knowledge of the vehicles, such as the Lifeguard Truck.

Being an ER trainee makes her lifesaving techniques even more effective on the team.

Early Life[]

All that is known about Sky is that she was from Topanga Canyon, lived with her mother, and was originally training to be a emergency medical technician.

But then she saw being a lifeguard as the perfect way of learning lifesaving techniques to help further her career in ER.


Season 8[]

Sky was one of the female lifeguard recruits to join Rookie school. She along with 14 others passed the first test.

During another lesson, they were interrupted by Lani's crazy ex-boyfriend Darren who was jealous of Lani's friendship with lifeguard Cody Madison and wanted her to go back with him to Hawaii by force if necessary. He later tried kidnapping her, but thanks to Cody, Lani was safe and the Rookie School continued (Rookie Summer).

Sky, April and Lani

Sky with April and Lani during Rookie School (Next Generation)

She, Lani and April worked together to pass the rest of their training with Sky declaring how amazed there was so much to learn. Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon's son Hobie volunteered to be their tutor.

During a swim with a Rescue Can, April nearly drowned by a maniac driving dangerously on a jet ski. Though April was unhurt, Sky said that this should be reported but April stubbornly told both her and Lani to not say anything as it would make the other lifeguards see her as unable to cope in the water.

This however proved to be a big mistake when the same maniac caused even more harm. It was revealed to be Richie, a trainee who was expelled from Rookie School who was upsetting things in act of revenge. Later Mitch reprimanded the girls for their secrecy, stating that lifeguards are on watch 24 hrs a day, on or off duty, being prepared for any emergency any time or any place. If any incident is seen, it should be reported straight away, keeping it secret only endangers lives. Though this lack of responsibility would have led to the three failing Rookie School, Mitch gave them another chance (Next Generation).

Marliece-andrada-skylar 22

Sky now a lifeguard in training (The Choice)

Sky was then given her red lifeguard swimsuit as the next stage of her training. She tells April she was still living with her mother, but April suggested an apartment by the beach where they could split the rent. During a dive rescuing exercise off a pier, Sky discovered that another recruit J.D. Darius was against following the official lifeguard procedure as from his previous lifeguarding job in Daytona, he had lost a victim even though he had tried his hardest to follow the procedure of putting yourself between the victim and the hazard.

However after Mitch revealed that he knew about J.D.'s past, he accused Sky of betraying him who was shocked and rebuffed him by saying that blaming someone for your problems, doesn't make them go away. It was later revealed that Mitch found out about the incident from J.D.'s Captain in Daytona, but was willing to give him another chance as a lifeguard. J.D. later apologized to Sky for falsely accusing her (The Choice).

She and April then moved into an apartment together and next day they went with Mitch to do their first underwater recovery mission to find information on an incident reported in a specific spot. During the dive they discovered the corpse of a dead senior citizen who had been weighed down by stones tied around his ankles. April then went with the rescue team to the morgue to find out more about the victim. Sky wasn't so keen.

Later during a patrol at the beach, she asked April if she had found out anything about the victim they found. April tells her that the coroner thought he looked dead before he was even in the water. April then began having dreams about the victim underwater calling for help and told Sky that the missing link to finding out the victim's identity was finding the necklace that she had seen him wear before they pulled him from the water.

Next Morning they set out to dive again and find the necklace, which is revealed to be a collection of dog tags. With some help from Mitch they discovered the owner of the chain to Wallace Tuttle, but his body was stolen from the morgue. They then visit a retirement hotel where Wally had lived and ask two men Ed Morgan and Marion "Jigger" Lindsay who had presumably knew the victim, but didn't get any answers.

April, Mitch and Sky rescuing seniors

Sky with April and Mitch helping the seniors (Memorial Day)

However, thanks to April researching on the internet, it was revealed that both Wally and those two men had been together in the navy during World War II and had known each other for fifty years. Sky then appeared and told them that she had found out that from the receptionist at the hotel that they owned a boat that they often fished in, which confirmed their suspicions that they knew about Wally, which means they were responsible for putting the corpse in the water all along and had now stolen the corpse from the morgue.

Mitch, Sky and April then go to the spot where the two men were about to place the corpse into the water again with heavier weights. But they both fall into the water in the process. After the three lifeguards rescue them and bandage their wounds, Ed and Jigger reveal that they were only trying to give their friend an honorable burial at sea. However Mitch reprimands their actions as being illegal but agrees to let them give him a proper burial in a cemetery of war heroes (Memorial Day).

Sky isn't seen again after this, but it can assumed that she left Baywatch to pursue her career in ER.




Season 8[]


  • Even though Sky only appears in 4 episodes of Season 8, she is still in the intro sequence.
  • Marliece Andrada first appeared as an uncredited extra on the show where she was cast twenty times. Her roles included a Bikini Contest contestant in the episode The Contest, a background beach girl in the episodes Bachelor of the Month, Talk Show, and Beach Blast, and a bike race spectator in the episode Trial by Fire. Her first main role was in the Season 7 episode Rendezvous where she played a mermaid named Mellisande.
  • Marliece won the role of Sky because the producers liked her readings and were impressed on how she aced the Tank test as part of the audition. Marliece said this when interviewed: "Of course, there was also the famous Baywatch water test. You have to swim against other actresses. The producers tell you to swim two laps across the Baywatch tank, one freestyle and one breaststroke. But I had no idea how to breaststroke! Luckily, I wasn't first in line. I watched the others and did what they did."
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