Soul Survivor is the first episode of the eleventh and final season of Baywatch, also known as the second season of Baywatch Hawaii. It was originally aired on October 2, 2000.

Guest Stars[]

  • Anson Williams as Councilman McKenna
  • Alexander Walters as Cliff Tyler
  • Leo Burmester as Max Jackson
  • Gretchen Thanem as Peggy
  • Trevor Thanem as Casey
  • Lee Doversola as Receptionist
  • Greg Phillips as Cliff's friend
  • Pamela Young as Reporter

Episode Information[]

During the training sessions for new Baywatch Hawaii lifeguards, Sean deals with Jena and other Hawaiian officials who don't see the training center as a profit making enterprise. During a drive, Sean accidentally hits into Zack McEwan, a new recruit and surfer from Michigan who joins the training team while Jason becomes acquainted with Carrie Sharp, one of the rookies from San Diego who finds him irresistible. Meanwhile, Sean and the new lifeguard Leigh Dyer deal with Cliff, a old nemesis of Sean's who arrives in Oahu for a wave runner race and disrupts the daily routine of the lifeguards at Baywatch.



  • This episode introduced Leigh Dyer (Brande Roderick) Zack McEwan (Charlie Brumbly) and Carrie Sharp (Alicia Rickter). Jason Ioane's full name is finally revealed
  • The intro was changed with the departure of Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff, who was killed off in the last episode of the previous season and would later return for the reunion movie), Jessie Owens (Brooke Burns), who would later guest star in a few episodes, Allie Reese (Simmone Jade MacKinnon) and Dawn Masterton (Brandy Ledford).
  • New cast members Brande Roderick (Leigh) and Charlie Brumbly (Zack) join the cast and are added to the opening credits.
  • Former recurring guest star Krista Allen (Jenna) becomes a series regular beginning with this episode and appears in the opening credits.
  • Alicia Rickter also joins the cast in the recurring role of Carrie Sharpe but does not appear in the opening credits.
  • The music was also changed from the familiar "I'm Always Here" to "Let Me Be The One."
  • It's a mystery about what happened to Newmie, if he's either retired, killed or still working at the training center, teaching the recent rookies, plus Mitch is no longer mentioned, after dying, but in heaven is seeing that his new training center is ok, not even mentioning that the training center was his idea, plus Hobie is not mentioned anymore.
  • By now, all the previous Baywatch boats are gone, such as the SeaCat, the Luhr, and the Windjet, are no longer in the series, except the only boat left is the Scarab.
  • The yellow rescue cans on the red lifeguard trucks were never used in the series, except to train, while the red rescue cans on the yellow lifeguard trucks were always used.
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