Strike Team is the fifth eepisode of the tenth season of Baywatch, also known as the first season of Baywatch Hawaii. It was originally aired on October 18, 1999.

Guest Stars[]

  • Brian L. Keaulana as Brian
  • Kona Carmack as Margaret
  • Gretchen Thanem as Dana
  • Rachel Thanem as Cory
  • Kekai Shimmon as Rod
  • John Thorp as Leo

Episode Information[]

Sean and the rest of the team risk their lives when they help with the local Coast Guard in a daring rescue to save six kaiakers who have gotten stranded on Kauai's Pina Nova coast. After saving four of the kaiakers, including two in an enclosed lagoon, night falls and the search for the remaining two is called off. But Sean becomes determined to find them and he and J.D. Jessie, Jason, Allie and Dawn travel into a shark infested cave to find the two who are trapped in an underwater lava tube air pocket.



Season 10 (1999-2000)
Baywatch Season 10

Main Characters:
Mitch BuchannonSean MonroeJ.D. DariusJessie OwensNewmie NewmanKekoa TanakaJason IoaneAllie ReeseDawn Masterton

Recurring Characters:
Jim BarnettJenna AvidBrian Keaulana

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