Tanquil "Tai" Lisa Collins (Born July 10, 1962) is an actress, model, screenwriter, philanthropist and former Miss Virginia USA who wrote 11 episodes for Baywatch as well as also playing a background lifeguard, beach girl or model in some episodes, Sharon in the Season 6 episode The Incident and the Season 7 episode Buried. She also appeared in in the spin-off series Baywatch Nights where she had an uncredited appearance as Doug's Wife in the Season 1 episode Takeover and played Julie in the Season 2 episode Terror of the Deep.

Tai is also known as writer and executive producer for SAF3, a similar television series to Baywatch, which she co-created with Gregory J. Bonann. She is currently the founder and executive director of the A Chance for Children Foundation, a supporting foundation that provides every a struggling child needs such as education and facilities where she works with Gregory who is the co-founder and president of it.

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