Lifeguard C.J. Parker with her telephone in her Lifeguard tower

The Telephone is an important piece of equipment used by the Baywatch Lifeguards and the Baywatch Hawaii Lifeguards.

It is a simple 12 digit button phone that is used in a Lifeguard's tower with a special line linked in between their towers, Baywatch Headquarters itself, the Police Department and any other rescue services, which is on a special list in that particular tower and the headquarters.

If a Lifeguard sees a situation that may be bigger than they can handle, they dial the selected number and request for back up. They can also request another Lifeguard to watch their part of the beach if there is a situation that needs investigating and they are unable to leave their tower. It is also the same when involvement of the Police is needed or any other rescue or emergency services.

The telephones come in two colours of Black and White.