The Choice is the third episode of the eighth season of Baywatch. It was originally aired on October 6, 1997.

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Veteran lifeguard Jack "J.D." Darius arrives at Baywatch and competes with Taylor Walsh, an attractive newcomer, for Mitch's old job as lieutenant and Mitch must make his own decision as to which one will be the most eligible one for his former job. Although J.D. has more experience as a lifeguard than Taylor, he is plagued by haunting memory of failing in a rescue at Daytona Beach where he worked some years ago. That memory resurfaces when he attempts to rescue Skylar after her rescue exercise goes wrong, but he lies to Mitch, leading to J.D. accusing Skylar of telling Mitch about that incident in Daytona Beach.



  • New cast members Michael Bergin (J.D.) and Angelica Bridges (Taylor) are introduced in this episode and make their first appearances on the series. Of the eighth season regulars, Bergin was the only one to last until the end of the series.
  • This is the first out of three episodes to feature Kelly Monaco.


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