Mitch run

The Slow-motion run shown made by David Hasselhoff (Mitch Buchannon)

As well it's the colourful cast, exciting storylines and the red swimsuits, Baywatch is also known for it's various characters running across the beach in slow-motion, mostly during the opening titles and occasionally in the episodes themselves. The run has been parodied or imitated in other forms of entertainment.


Michael Berk one of the producers of the show confirmed he had a friend who had just been shooting the 1988 Summer Olympic Games and had captured footage of sprinters at slower frame rates during the 100-meter dash. The footage then gave them the idea to add a slow-motion run. However David Hasselhoff said that the slow-motion run was included to add time to shows that were running short on content, therefore saving money from using extra footage for the show.

The slow-motion run made it's debut in the very first Baywatch episode Panic at Malibu Pier and has been in all Baywatch media since. Pamela Anderson is one of the main cast members best known for doing the run and has often used it in other Baywatch themed media including a commercial for DirectTV in 2007.