Thunder Tide is the sixteenth episode of the tenth season of Baywatch, also known as the first season of Baywatch Hawaii. It was originally aired on February 14, 2000.

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Another long day begins with Sean, Jessie, and Kekoa trying to save a woman trapped in an air pocket beneath a coral reef and trying to escape from the dangerous sulfur fumes within the cave. After a rescue of three skydivers whose parachutes open late, Dawn find a number of similarities between one named Jerome, and her ex boyfriend Ryan whom she discovers that they are both the same person. Meanwhile, Jason and Allie are assigned to Sandy Beach where he does not know if he can work well at this particular beach after an accident that left a surfer crippled for life (from the Risk to Death episode). Jason is still traumatized after seeing Pete being disabled, but Allie is there, where he first protects her from also getting disabled like Manny (in Wave Rage, of last season), then gets carried away, after seeing another surfer, who is also gonna be the next one to be disabled, but instead of gratitude, he is embarrassed. After his shift is finished, Jason goes to see Pete at the rehab clinic who is now disabled in a wheelchair, enjoying the scenery, where Jason visits him with Hawaiian baked goods, who is also in a good mood and excited that Pete is recovering slowly beginning with his movement of fingers, which makes him excited. Visiting Pete cured Jason's trauma of Sandy Beach.


Season 10 (1999-2000)
Baywatch Season 10

Main Characters:
Mitch BuchannonSean MonroeJ.D. DariusJessie OwensNewmie NewmanKekoa TanakaJason IoaneAllie ReeseDawn Masterton

Recurring Characters:
Jim BarnettJenna AvidBrian Keaulana

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