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Tina is a minor character on Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]

Tina was a tall muscular woman with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.


Tina was first seen taking a holiday in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Rudy. While she was on the beach, her attractiveness grabbed the attention of caretaker Guido Torzini who saw her and offered to massage her leg. Tina is flattered even though this would bring trouble because unfortunately Rudy appeared and threatened to beat up Guido for flirting with his girlfriend. Guido runs away and Rudy attempts to chase after him but is stopped by Tina.

On another day at the beach, she finds out from Rudy that Guido was engaged to someone else the whole time. She was livid at Guido for lying to her and chased him down the beach, after his blood. However Guido had made it up by asking lifeguard C.J. Parker to pretend to be his fiancée so Rudy would leave him alone. Whether or not she was told this in the end is unknown because she is never seen again after this, but it can be assumed that either Guido himself or C.J. told her.