Trevor Cole is a fictional character from the popular American television show Baywatch. He was portrayed by actor Peter Phelps.

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Season 1Edit

Trevor Cole began life on Baywatch as a cocky and arrogant clubhouse lifeguard who after boat party that left his then girlfriend fighting for her life realized how little about lifeguarding he actually knew. He decided to join Baywatch Rookie School where he passed top of his class. During his time as a L.A county lifeguard Cole made a number of preventions, earning the respect of his work collegees and those superior to him (including Mitch Buchannon, who had previously disliked Cole for his amateur lifeguarding and his attitude towards the job).


  • Trevor is the first male Australian Baywatch lifeguard on TV. The second and third were Harvey and Logan.
  • Towards the end of his stay at Baywatch there were hints of a romance between him and Jill Riley, but Cole was absent the day Jill died from a shark attack and Phelps left the show the episode later.
  • All the while his disappearance was not addressed in the show. Its assumed that Cole went back home as he had previously expressed interest in returning to Sydney, Australia.