Weak Link is the third episode of the tenth season of Baywatch, also known as the first season of Baywatch Hawaii. It was originally aired on October 4, 1999.

Guest Stars[]

  • Cameron Finley as Tanner Sloan
  • Jessica Hinton as Tammy
  • Vincent Klyn as Leon 'Rock' Keaweamahi
  • Brian Keaulana as Brian
  • Carla Brooks as Carla

Episode Information[]

Dawn Masterton, a lifeguard from Florida and a traveling archaeologist, joins the team and proves almost irresistible to the male lifeguards while she squares off against Sean who tries to find her weakness, while also Dawn seeks her own personal agenda with J.D. whom she used to know. Meanwhile, Tanner visits Mitch in Hawaii where he becomes acquainted with a teenage surfer girl, named Tami, who has her own personal life problems. Also, J.D. tries out for a spot on the U.S. Americas Cup Sailing World Cup team.




Season 10 (1999-2000)
Baywatch Season 10

Main Characters:
Mitch BuchannonSean MonroeJ.D. DariusJessie OwensNewmie NewmanKekoa TanakaJason IoaneAllie ReeseDawn Masterton

Recurring Characters:
Jim BarnettJenna AvidBrian Keaulana

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