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Yasmine Amanda Bleeth (Born June 14, 1968) is an actress and model who played the role of Caroline Holden in Baywatch from 1993-1997 with a few recurring appearances and Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. She also reprised her role as a guest star in the spin-off Baywatch Nights in the episode The Curator.

Yasmine is also known for her roles of Ryan Fenelli in the soap opera Ryan's Hope, Inspector Caitlin Cross in the crime-drama series Nash Bridges and Heather Lane-Williams in the short lived soap opera Titans, and numerous film appearances including BASEketball and Undercover Angel.​ She also guest starred in an episode of V.I.P. (a television series starring Pamela Anderson) as Kristen Grayson.

Yasmine competed for Sloan Kettering Breast Cancer Research on November 10, 1995 against comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Thomas Haden Church from Wings and Ned and Stacey. She finished third, but her charity still received $10,000.

She also had her own line of swimwear called Yaz Wear.

Her career in acting and modelling came to an end when she became involved in a serious cocaine addiction, though she afterwards sought rehabilitation and has been trying to stay sober ever since.

Yasmine now lives in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Paul Ceritto.

Characters portrayed by Yasmine Bleeth on the show[]


  • Yasmine's stint on Baywatch is referenced in three television shows:
    • In the American comedy sitcom Friends, one of the characters Chandler Bing is seen to have a crush on Yasmine, whenever he is watching the programme. Coincidentally Matthew Perry who portrayed Chandler was in a real life brief relationship with her.
    • In another comedy television series Malibu, CA, there is one of Yasmine's Baywatch posters along with one of Pamela Anderson's seen on the walls in the bedroom belonging to the two main characters; Scott and Jason Collins.
    • In the animated comedy series, The Simpsons, Yasmine makes a silent cameo in the episode Treehouse of Horror X. She is wearing her red swimsuit and shown to be held prisoner by a villain known as "the Collector" a super-villain alter-ego of the character Comic Book Guy.