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Zachary "Zack" McEwan is a character in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]


Zack is slightly eccentric to the point of outright madness. His confident laid back character is unique amongst the lifeguards and sometimes his personality clashes with other members of the training centre - particularly Sean.

Zack shows a similar personality development to Jason - both are naturally skilled lifeguards but require extra experience and knowledge to help them develop. Zack learns the values of a team, following orders and friendship through gaining experiences on the water and learning to work with the other trainees and lifeguards.

Baywatch Hawaii[]

Season 2[]

Zack's first appearance is when he accidently hits Sean Monroe's Baywatch truck whilst skate boarding. At first his slightly eccentric personality comes across - however when he sees the Baywatch Hawaii logo on Sean's truck he instantly changes his tune insisting it was a accident and he was fine. This is because he later turns up as one of the first wave of new Baywatch Hawaii Lifeguard training centre trainees.

His personality frequently clashes with other members of the lifeguard team whilst he is a trainee. However, as the season progresses he becomes very close friends with Jason and gets along well with fellow trainee Carrie.

As there was only one space on the Baywatch Hawaii team for the trainees to win - Zack was unsuccessful coming second to Carrie. Despite some initial thoughts of wanting to give up after not being successful in joining the team, with a little persuasion by his friends and members of the team he decides to re-enter the trainee programme with the second wave of trainees taken on by the centre. Due to his knowledge and having already completed the programme he helps the new trainees on the programme. Zack becomes particularly good friends with a trainee called Peggy who he often spends time training on the communication equipment and who visited him in hospital following his jet ski accident.

As the season unfolds, a new space arises on the team and so Zack eventually gets to wear the prestigious red shorts denoting a fully fledged member of the team.

Following his accession to the team, Zack gets selected by Sean to run a new Junior Lifeguard programme offered by the Training Centre. Due to Zack's enthusiastic personality he is a massive hit with the younger teenagers undertaking the Junior Lifeguard course.




  • Zack is the second lifeguard to go temporarily deaf after Lani McKenzie following a rescue accident on a jet ski at the hands of Jenna Avid.
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